Automating Internet Explorer: Filling Up Web Dialog Form

April 2, 2011


In codeforexcelandoutlook, Jimmy Peña demostrated internet explorer automation, sending to and retrieving information from the web using VBA. In some cases that you might require a code to fill up string/numbers values to a web dialog form, here I will demonstrate how to add another possibility in automating internet explorer. Some web forms make use of […]

Posted in: Internet Explorer, VBA

VBA Function to Revert URL Encoded String to Regular String

March 29, 2011


URLEncode function puts legal string into the navigator url. I would use the following function to revert the URLEncoded/Escaped string to human-readable text, used in parsing web document values for example. 'revert urlencoded characters to regular texts Function UnEncodeURL(EscapedURL As String) As String Dim i As Integer Dim txt As String Dim hexChr As String […]